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I came to Helsinki to meet members of an online SBS community, including Linda. Another member of the group, Jesse*, a slim 17-year-old with dyed blond hair, tells me that he and his mum also had to leave their home. “I was getting sick every winter and summer when the temperature dropped,” he says. “I got the flu, I got headaches, my legs hurt, my head hurt, rashes on my skin, everything like that.”

They found mould growing in the walls of their house and had to desert their clothes, all their furniture. “Everything,” he says. Family photos were salvaged and wrapped in plastic. They are going to make photocopies of them through their coverings. Jesse says he often has reactions at school. Sometimes he has to do his classwork in the hallways, away from other students. His visits to the doctor didn’t yield any help. “Because it wasn’t any sort of flu or any kind of bacteria or virus, we were all right,” he says. The doctors told them there was nothing wrong.

In 2013, Linda found a doctor who thought he could help, and through ‘nutritional therapy’ she eventually felt well enough to rejoin the world. She doesn’t think her illness and sensitivity will ever go away, but within months of starting treatment, she managed to go on a skiing trip with her daughter.

Others are not so lucky. Maria*, 40, says that doctors in Finland are too quick to label SBS as psychological. In 2012, she got sick from her office where she worked in child services. She would get stomach pains, infections, high blood pressure – all medical issues she had never had before. In 2014, mould was found in the building but, despite loving her work, she had already left the job. By 2015, she wasn’t able to go into other buildings too. But being diagnosed with SBS in Finland does not open up access to support.

“When I got sick, there was no place for me to go,” says Maria. “I couldn’t get any money. No sick pay, nothing. No rehabilitation, no retraining in a new profession, no unemployment benefit. I was being left out without any rights at all, with nothing.”

Inside Jesse and his mum's new apartment block.

© Dave Imms for Mosaic

Alan Hedge at the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University tells me SBS appeared in the 1970s when, to reduce energy use in response to the oil embargo, ventilation standards were lowered. Building-related health complaints began to rise shortly after. No study ever returned definitive results or caught a single compound red-handed making people sick. Focus turned from fleecy fabrics to allergens, and for a short time it was believed that indoor carpeting was the culprit. “The [US Environmental Protection Agency] spent a fortune trying to establish that relationship and they couldn’t,” Hedge says. “But what began to happen was almost a kind of mass hysterical reaction.”

There must be a psychosocial element , some research claimed. How else to explain that 2018 Unisex Cheap Price Buy Discount Kikuyu espadrilles Black Castaner Sale High Quality Clearance Very Cheap 393u1
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to have SBS than men? Or that employees’ wellbeing could be associated with Rockstud Bodytech Hightop Sneakers in Black Nylon Valentino Enjoy Cheap Online 100% Original Genuine Online Geniue Stockist Cheap Online KU1VwGOTZq
, office noise or Sandals for Women On Sale White Leather 2017 35 4 45 55 7 75 Kendall Kylie Original Online Free Shipping Reliable Genuine Online View Online QYrxry
? Hedge’s own work examined SBS questionnaire answers from Lang sandals Grey Jimmy Choo London Cheap Sale Big Discount Many Kinds Of Cheap Online Free Shipping Cheapest Price Free Shipping Cost Free Shipping Big Discount Xf9Wnuwg88
of workers in various buildings. “We didn’t find any evidence of an actual syndrome. In other words, no consistent pattern of all of the symptoms.” In the end, he says, they “don’t really know whether it’s the building or it’s the people”.

While Sandberg is the latest egregious example, she’s in good company. E.J. Dionne, a master of the form, tends to include just about every famous person he has ever met in his end pages. “[I]f these acknowledgments are a bit long, I hope the reader will forgive me. It’s because I have a lot of debts to pay,” he writes at the close of (The list is actually very useful in that it offers a much more concise evocation of why Americans hate politics than the book itself: Look no farther than his lengthy list to be reminded of Washington’s much-maligned clubbiness.) Lowest Price Womens 24608 Espadrilles Tamaris Discount Top Quality 1FXwTx3Zvt
Chelsea Clinton was recently thanked in the acknowledgments of Andrew Solomon’s Mackay boots Black Gianvito Rossi Where To Buy Low Price 2018 Unisex Finishline Cheap Online bnDGA7Nbok
, and also scattered faux-carelessly amidst the long list of Brooklyn writer types who’d read drafts of Gideon Lewis-Kraus’s , suggesting either that Ms. Clinton has a particular interest in highbrow modes of self-discovery, or that those interested in highbrow modes of self-discovery have a particular interest in her. In Al Gore’s , he thanks 73 individuals by name, including Ray Kurzweil (he’s writing about the future, after all), Jared Diamond, E.O. Wilson, and someone named Bill Simmons (no, not that one) who cooked “terrific meals during the innumerable working sessions in Nashville.”

Gore’s tribute to someone I assume is household help illustrates that acknowledgments are not only a place for social positioning, they also serve as a reminder that it takes a village to write a book. It’s difficult to locate when exactly this mode became de rigeur, though it had been codified enough by the 1990s that published an essay on the many cats and dogs who had been thanked in academic acknowledgments. Lately, the image of the solitary writer seems a distant one. Gretchen Rubin, author of , thanks “Everyone at Inform Fitness,” every single member of her two separate children’s literature classes, her working writer’s strategy groups, her book group for adult literature, and the “friends from blogland who have given advice and linklove.” “I only hope I get to meet them in real life one day,” she says. Cavaliere Croco Mens Boots Be Only Free Shipping Latest Collections KSI5DfhKJX
In her book , Arianna Huffington also thanked the help: In her case, the staff of the then-nascent Huffington Post, which she seems to have turned into de facto factcheckers and researchers for her (other) personal project.

How did we get here? “You don't see Joseph Conrad thanking Ford Madox Ford, or Virginia Woolf giving shout-outs to Leonard, Lytton, Vanessa, Clive, and Vita,” the (often thanked) editor of the , Lorin Stein, told me via e-mail. “That kind of thing mars the real intimacy of a novel, which is—or should be—between writer and reader and nobody else.”

Regardless of the consequences, an etiquette of acknowledgements has emerged that might be part of the problem. I have been thanked in one acknowledgement section, a friend’s debut novel that I’d casually read. While I didn’t expect to see my name and was happily flattered, I also imagine that if I’d been forgotten, I would have wondered why the people who did appear were so much more helpful or important than I. Alex Star, an editor at Farrar, Straus and Giroux, compares the pressures attached to the acknowledgements pages to the social norms surrounding tipping. “No one wants to be a less generous tipper,” and no one wants to be the person who forgets the little people in his or her moment of glory. (Stein, for his part, resists the for-politeness-sake acknowledgement: “What's wrong with a handwritten note?” he wondered. “You didn't win an Oscar. You wrote a book, and—as a matter of mere statistical fact—the odds are it's about to be remaindered.”)

Or maybe the recent mutual admiration party run amok has something to do with the dire economics straits of book publishing. One publishing world insider reminded me that book parties have been severely scaled back in recent years, and so a thank you in the acknowledgements can take the place of a few free drinks and a short speech for the assembled guests.

Just as with book parties, there can be intrigue over who makes it in. Pamela Paul, features editor at , says that the ’ policy of not assigning book reviews to anyone who’s thanked in the book has led to some behind-the-scenes machinations. Authors will purposefully include someone they fear will pan them in those influential pages—or leave out someone they’re hoping will get the assignment. It’s a somewhat shocking degree of calculation for something that is—supposedly—merely about expressions of gratitude. All of which leaves one to wonder whether, had it been the custom in Machiavelli’s time, the acknowledgments for might have given a run for its money.

Those namedropped include not just colleagues (“Dave Broder is an inspiration to anyone who writes about politics”) but just about anybody he was likely run into at the cocktail party of a conspiracy theorist’s dreams: Mandy Grunwald, Mary Matalin, Bob Shrum, James K. Galbreith, Newt Gingrich, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Jim Cooper, Alessandra Stanley, Haley Barbour, Sid and Jackie Blumenthal, and Jane Mayer, among many others. One boldfaced name from whom Dionne could not be accused of trying to curry favor is “the late Lee Atwater.” At least not in this life. Perhaps he was merely being forward-thinking.

> Programs > Culture of Health > Visualize Health Equity Community Art Show

The National Academy of Medicine is calling on artists of all kinds to explore what health equity means to communities across the country.

Womens Nd54 Ankle Strap Sandals El Naturalista Online Shop zdkZMoGzrr

Submissions are now closed. Submitted artwork was evaluated by a panel of reviewers drawn from the Culture of Health program advisory group according to the insight it brought to the subject of health equity, as well as artistic impact. 30 submissions have been chosen to appear in a pop-up art gallery on November 9, 2017 in Washington, DC. The 30 selected artists include:

Birmingham AIDS Outreach-Magic City Acceptance Center , Véronique Vanblaere, Connie Cagampang Heller, Jayanti Dasgupta, Alvaro Garza Marisa Garza, Michelle Tan, Antea DeMarsilis , Cristina Valentin, Center for Health Progress, Tobey Busch, Nonja Tiller , Samuel Mendez, Shaneah Taylor, Hannah Drake, Minoo Emami, Henry Ford Health System (Project S.N.A.P), Mia Keeys Brittney Washington, Grace Morris, Burton Street Peace Gardens , Joel Burt-Miller, Emily Kragel, Megan Ghiroli Emma Kaywin , John Colavito, Cristina Baccin, Ellie Mosbaek, Meagan Corrado , Aurinés Torres, Andrew Gonzalez, Shannon Guillot-Wright, Wendy Sittner,

Browse the artwork

Health equity means everyone has a fair shot at living the healthiest life possible.

Personal responsibility plays a key role in health, but the choices we make depend on the choices that are available to us. For example, you might know it’s important to eat healthy foods, but what if you live in a neighborhood without a good grocery store? Or the nearest grocery store is far away and you don’t have access to a car or public transportation? Or your family doesn’t make enough money to buy fresh fruits and vegetables? When it comes to health, too many people start behind and stay behind simply because of where they live, lack of opportunity, or how society views them. Mens Adissage 20 Logo Beach and Pool Shoes adidas Outlet 100% Original Discount Exclusive Get The Latest Fashion Discount Finishline Buy Online With Paypal TsNKkuKL

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM), a nonprofit research organization in Washington, DC, is calling on artists to Visualize Health Equityfor a nationwide community art project.

Show us what health equity would look like to you—whether it’s access to healthy food or safe neighborhoods, good education or a living wage, clean drinking water or affordable housing, connection to cultural heritage or lack of discrimination, or any other opportunity that helps you live your healthiest life.

This project is part of the NAM’s Culture of Health Program , sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which is working to identify strategies that support equitable good health for all Americans. Artwork submitted for this project will help us understand what people across the country see as the most important health challenges and opportunities facing their communities. The insights we gain will be shared with a national audience and used to inform future directions of the Culture of Health Program .

Submissions are now closed. Selected artwork is featured in a permanent Womens 25111 Chukka Boots Black 001 Black 5 UK Tamaris Fast Delivery Cheap Online sr4De

Browse the artwork

A panel of reviewers drawn from the Culture of Health Program Advisory Group evaluated entries for creativity and responsiveness to the prompt. Eligible submissions, including the artist’s name and written explanation are displayed in a Womens D Asheely D Biker Boots Geox 2018 New Cheap Price rsQ1gbxMD
. Select entries were chosen for display at a live gallery show during an NAM meeting in November 2017, and three artists were invited to Preowned Tribute sandal Saint Laurent Choice For Sale YzULt
to policy makers and national health leaders during the meeting.

Interested in hosting your own show in your community? Please contact Kyra Cappelucci ( KCappelucci@nas.edu ) to discuss opportunities.

Need inspiration about what’s possible for health equity? Check out our new short documentary series, .

Visualize Health Equity
Intersection Showcase Voices from Europe Quartz Premium sneakers Blue Le Coq Sportif To Buy Hz2YFnflf
Parallel Platform
Lisbon hosted the inaugural Parallel Intersection – the first crossing point of the Parallel Platform, bringing together a range of different perspectives from both emerging and established artists, curators and exhibitors in a dialogue and exchange dedicated to all those interested in contemporary photography.Encouraging emerging artists is at the core of the Parallel Intersection Lisboa programme, which includes exhibitions, showcases, talks, as well as a forum to connect and explore new roads or consolidate existing work.
O primeiro Parallel Intersection teve lugar em Lisboa. Foi o ponto de passagem inicial da Parallell Platform, congregando múltiplas perspectivas de artistas emergentes e consagrados, curadores e exibidores, num diálogo e partilha dedicados a todos os que se interessam por fotografia contemporânea. Um dos principais objectivos do Parallel Intersection é apoiar artistas emergentes e, nesse sentido, o programa inclui exposições, showcases, conversas e um palco para estabelecer contactos, explorar novos caminhos e consolidar trabalho existente.
Parallel Intersection Lisboa


A group of 23 emerging artists will be showcasing their work, each given their own exhibition space and each responsible for its layout and installation. From here, they will be pursuing a new project, partnering with a tutor and an emergent curator. The final body of work will feature in the next Parallel Intersection.
Um grupo de 23 artistas emergentes vai participar no Showcase, cada um com o seu espaço próprio de exibição e responsável pela instalação e montagem da sua exposição. A partir daqui, irão desenvolver um novo projecto, em parceria com um tutor e um curador emergente. O corpo de trabalho final será exibido no próximo Parallel Intersection.

Voices from Europe

To stimulate exchange between new and established artists and enhance appreciation of contemporary photography, Parallel Intersection Lisboa will also be showing the work of eighteen ground-breaking European photographers. Each Parallel Platform partner was invited to choose the artist who best represented their philosophy and role within the visual culture world and the result was the exhibition "Voices from Europe". Curated by Rui Prata, the showing brings to Lisbon the diversity of ideas, aesthetics and practices of all the project members.
Como estímulo à troca de experiências entre novos artistas e artistas conceituados e para fomentar a apreciação da fotografia contemporânea, o Parallel Intersection Lisboa iráexibir também o trabalho de dezoito dos mais inovadores fotógrafos europeus. Cada parceiro da Parallel Platform foi convidado a escolher o artista que melhor representava a sua filosofia e papel na cultura visual e o resultado foi reunido na exposição Voices from Europe. Com a curadoria de Rui Prata, a mostra traz a Lisboa a diversidade de ideias, estéticas e práticas de todos os membros do projecto.

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